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Fusion Competitive Soccer

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Keep scrolling for more information about Soccer West Fusion, our new logo, new uniforms and photos of our current Fusion teams in action.

If you have any questions, please contact Ryan Carlson, Director of Competitive Soccer, at rycarlson9@gmail.com


Soccer, as organized through Iowa Soccer and U.S. Soccer, is divided into two categories: Recreational (rec) and Competitive.  Historically, Soccer West has focused exclusively on rec teams.  Players are placed on rec teams simply by registering with the club – everyone who registers gets a spot.  Rec teams are generally coached by parent volunteers and practices occur 1-2 times per week with one game per weekend.  

With the development of our Fusion program, we now offer the competitive option for players who are looking to compete at the next level.  Soccer West Fusion teams are formed via a tryout process and players are offered a roster spot based on skill and competitiveness.  Not everyone who participates in tryouts will be offered a roster spot on a Fusion team, however, we will still intend to have roster spots available in our rec program, and will work to build a bridge for the players who wish to keep working hard and compete for a Fusion spot in subsequent seasons.

Our Fusion teams operate at a higher level than what players will be used to from the rec experience, and they are managed by professional/paid coaches.  Practices will occur 2-3 times per week and Fusion teams will have matches against other select teams from around central Iowa – games occur on Saturday and/or Sunday, and you may have 1-2 games per weekend.  Registration fees for the Fusion program are more expensive than rec due to higher team fees, referee fees, paid coaches, and potential tournament fees.

Soccer West Soccer Club is a member program of Iowa Soccer, and Soccer West Fusion competes in the ISL State League.


There are many options for soccer clubs and select programs in and around the Des Moines metro area.  We feel the Fusion program is unique.

  • Less Expensive – The Fusion program is considerably less expensive than similar select programs around Des Moines.
  • Less Travel – Fusion teams usually play in, at most, one tournament per season.  That tournament will usually take place in the Des Moines metro area.  Many select programs travel excessively, often playing in two or more out of town weekend tournaments each season.  Additionally, as Fusion, we play most of our games in the Des Moines metro area, rather than traveling hundreds of miles for one or two games.
  • More Flexibility – We offer three practices each week, with the expectation that each player will attend at least two of the weekly sessions.  We recognize the importance of raising well rounded kids who are given the flexibility to participate in the various activities that are offered throughout our community, such as music, art, church activities, volunteering, other sports, etc.


For the 2019-2020 season, Soccer West Fusion will be implementing a new logo and color scheme.  Fusion started as an independent select soccer program that we have been working to bring under the Soccer West umbrella for the past few years.  Adopting the traditional Soccer West colors of white, black and red, and creating the new logo is the last step in fully integrating this program into the Soccer West Soccer Club.

In addition to the new logo and color scheme, the Fusion teams for the upcoming season will be wearing our new Adidas uniforms with the option to purchase warm up suits and gear backpacks sporting the new Soccer West Fusion logo.


  • $20 Tryout fee (includes Fusion Soccer training shirt)
  • $325 for registration fee (per season)
  • $50 (approximately) for one local tournament
  • $70 (approximately) one time for uniforms (jerseys, shorts, socks)
  • Additional cost for optional warm up suits, back pack, extra practice shirts, etc.
  • Financial assistance available


As coaches for Fusion, we will bring a passion and energy to everything we do.  We are primarily concerned with creating a fun, challenging soccer environment, and we are dedicated to ensuring that we allow our players to reach their full potential as people and soccer players.  Regardless of their natural talent and skill level, all players will be receiving equal amounts of focus and attention.

As members of our team, it is important that a respectful approach to the game is held in the highest regard.  That means being respectful to coaches, teammates, opponents, referees and most importantly, to themselves.  Our teams need to understand that we don’t just represent ourselves when we are on the fields, in the community, or in the game - we represent our families, our community, our team and our club.  There is never a wrong time to do the right thing.

We will never place winning above doing the right thing.  What we value is character, hard work, composure and enjoyment of the game.  Competing and developing is of the utmost importance.  We will always strive to win, but winning is not the metric by which we measure ultimate success.  It is a privelege to coach your children and it’s an honor to be trusted with the job.


Players will be expected to come to training on time, prepared with enthusiasm to learn, work hard, and enjoy themselves.  The coaches will be holding the players to a high standard, and it is expected that the players hold the coaches to a high standard as well.

We want to create an environment where the players are comfortable with the coaches.  Creating a healthy player/coach relationship will allow the players to discuss, with their coach, difficult topics such as playing time, attendance and what they can do to improve.  We want our players to be problem solvers on and off the field, and that is why we will ask them to come to the coaches with any concerns before asking their parents to get involved.

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